Dynamic shade - setting a schedule for shading louvers

Hi guys!
I’m working on a building project in which I need to analyze the effect of the angle of window shading louvers on year-round cooling and heating over different time frames. I have divided the year into four parts by month: December-February, March-May, June-August, and September-November. Wanted to set different louver angles in different parts.

I did a relevant search in the discourse forums and found this thread with some similarities to my question. :arrow_down:

I built a simple model for the experiment, I added a March-May shade schedule, however the simulation results showed that the schedule did not work and the simulation results did not change with or without the addition of the shade schedule, as shown in Figures P1 and P2.

I guess there’s a problem with the shade schedule build method, but I didn’t find the correct build method by doing a related word search in the discourse. This is the version information and source files for the software I currently have installed. :arrow_lower_left:
Dynamic shade.gh (107.4 KB)

Any help or redirection would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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