Dynamic shade with states for EnergyPlus simulation


Is there a way to run an EnergyPlus simulation with dynamic shade groups controlled with states and a schedule similar to how Radiance daylight simulations work now?

In practice, I would like to run an EnergyPlus simulation with shading louvers with different angles controlled by a state schedule. This could be something like:

State 0 = Off (fully open)
State 1 = 0° (horizontal)
State 2 = 45° (partially closed)
State 3 = 85° (closed)

I want to use the same schedule and states to run a daylight simulation, to find a balance between daylight and thermal comfort.

The HB Window Construction Shade component come close, but does more replicate dynamic blinds with only on/off settings.

The HB Louver Shades can create the louvers I want, but I don’t know how to control different states with the EnergyPlus simulation.

Working the other way around, by controlling to different states with a setpoint for the EnergyPlus simulation and generate a state schedule from that for the daylight analysis, would also work for me, if that’s any easier.

I found this similar topic, but unfortunately it’s a bit outdated by now:
Create dynamically adjustable louvers/fins for EnergyPlus - ladybug-tools - Ladybug Tools | Forum

I hope someone can help me with some possible workflows. : )

Best regarads,