Effects of a surface on the microclimate map and temperature

I need to better understand how the temperature of a surface changes the urban microclimate. The surface in question is a series of solar panels which will be installed and my job is to measure it’s effect on urban heat islands and temperature in general. I can figure out the temperature of the cells using the Solar Panel components, yet don’t know how to map it’s influence in a map. All the results I got show no influence of the panel whatsoever.

I am attaching also the .gh file and any help would be much appreciated. Outdoor_Microclimate_Map pv R01.gh (678.5 KB)

Can you share what type of effect are you anticipating?

Yes. The solar panel surfaces are somewhere over 60°C, while the outdoor temperature is roughly 30°C. I would like to have a thermal map of the heat influence on the surrounding. The image below is an example of how the temperature influences the outside, but in this case it lowers the temperature on the immediate surrounding. My solar panels would do the opposite, meaning it heats instead of cools the nearby surfaces