EMS-Failure to overwrite schedule

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I am trying to simulate a non conventional adaptive facade that controlled by Air temperature. Since the shape is quite complex, I used the transparency schedule of the shadings. I used EMS to create sensor to get the temperature, and actuator to overwrite the schedule that control the shading. I also set the EMS-computed schedule to track the result.

For this stage, I used 0 or 1 as the value for the initial transparency value, and the value for the EMS transparency value to easily see the difference if I run the simulation if I changes the trans value in initial schedule or in the EMS.

Currently I control the EMS transparency value in directly in EMS:Program (line A4 - A69). But in future each of this 32 schedule will be parametrically controlled based on adaptability intended.

Based on the ladybug graph, the EDD file and SQL file, the sensor and actuator was executed and the result was as expected. But, strangely, the air temp was not affected if I changed the EMS trans value but it changed if I changed the initial trans value in the schedule. So, I assumed that the EMS did able to update the schedule but did not use the updated schedule in the simulation.

Is there any suggestion why the EMS generated schedule did not able to overwrite the shading schedule? Is it due to the naming or the number for variables that I use?

I also already try directly editing the IDF script and run in E+ directly, but the same problem occurs. I already asked in EMS-Failure to overwrite schedule - Unmet Hours . But there is no response yet. Maybe I could get better luck in here.

Here I attach also my grasshopper script. High mass - West simplified.gh (196.5 KB)

Thank you.

hi @rakhmat.aditra
Were you able to solve the problem?

hi @alogharian. I asked this to E+ developer. They mentioned that it is an unsolved problem in E+. I assumed that it is the transmission schedule or the shadow calculation that only run before the heat balance simulation of the zone. So, having it dynamic is not possible with current E+.

I am right now just using parametrically generated transmittance schedule to control the shading, but it means I could not use interior sensor. I am also trying to model the shading into a glazing. But it is still far from perfect.

Yes, I agree with you. In general, there is a lot of limitation to control any shade by custom sensors.Of course, Amir Tabadkani, in this topic, was able to control several blinds states with almost such a workflow, but did not explain in more detail.

@rakhmat.aditra , about the same workflow that you explained, is it possible for me to see its algorithm? It can help me a lot.
thanks in advance

I also followed Amir Tabadkani any try to follow his solution. But, I still found the same error.

My grasshopper script is kinda jumbled. I have not cleaned it up for publication. I attached here both the rhino and grasshopper.

High mass - West - JKT.3dm (368.2 KB)
High mass - West - JKT.gh (564.3 KB)

Flow chart below is basically the idea of the script. I hope it helps.

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Thank you very much for your kindness; This algorithm will definitely help me. Although it is very complicated, I try to check it through reverse engineering. If I have any question, I will ask you. Thanks again for your great grace.

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