Energy Balance question

I am using an energy balance chart to quickly validate my model set up and have noticed an issue. The Energy balance is not balanced. This is a small space which has a high density of equipment process load. The equipment process load is the dominate load. It appears that if the equipment component was removed the energy balance is balanced.

I noticed that my radiant gains from the equipment were calculated at 0 percent, so I found this relevant topic to create set the value. I thought this may have been the issue, but it doesn’t balance the model.

Does anyone know why the balance is unbalanced? I have all my zones set to an HVAC system with a constant temp of 74F


It looks like you’re missing the components for mechanical ventilation and thermal mass storage. For the latter, you just need with output the energyBalWithStorage to the bar chart component.

Also, are you running an ideal air loads simulation? Remember that if you’re simulating an actual HVAC system where the COP doesn’t equal to 1, the thermal energy supplied will not equal the electric/gas energy used to provide it, and the components won’t balance.


That makes much more sense, thanks Saeran!