Energy output Unit - KWH

Hi everyone,

when running energy simulations with the openstudio component all my csv files would show the results in Joules. I prefer to have them in KWH. Is there a component I havent come across yet to control the result units? I have also checked OS measure but without luck.

There is also one suggestion in this thread (exporttoOpenStudio htmlReport as GJ not Kwh) to manually change the unit within the idf-file, but I worry the file will be written over once i re-run the simulation…

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

When I did the measure…it did not work. It looked like it worked but it did not. I lied, I was wrong ( i gave my life to God…no more lieing from me.). My apologies. It like half worked i guess. But if you look further down in the post [] made it work. My apologies. IT should work just follow the instruction on the tutorial listed and try following the sets mentioned at the end of the discussion.