Energy Plus Simulation Error 12/24/2020

My guess would be that you have non-planar geometry as your input.
EnergyPlus doesn’t support non-planar geometry, which gives you an error (check the .err output file in your generated outputs). AFAIK, in general it won’t run the simulation if you have “Severe” errors.

This status gives you a quick overview of whether there were warning (should look at), severe (should probably fix) or fatal (must fix) errors in the run as well as the time it took for the simulation to complete.

(EnegyPlus Getting Started Guide 3.2.4)

You need to subdivide your curved geometry into planar segments:

As a side note: without an uploaded script it’s very hard to give you a proper solution based on the warning log only. I recommend you read the following post for the future on what to attach to your posts: