Energyplus weather file download site unavailable?

Is anyone else encountering this error?

It seems to have begun in the last week, and is inevitably occurring when we have 200+ students handing in an assignment. We have developed a workaround, but it does not work if students wish to trial a different location out of their own interest / curiosity.

@MichaelDonn I found the same error. Enerygplus website is not available now. You can try onebuilding website for weather file.

@minggangyin Thanks. Yes, we have workarounds. I had set up a Ladybug Tools run energy map option within the class script, and now it does not work. For an introductory class, focused on learning the Building Science, not on the simulation, that was convenient. I was just checking we were not identified as persona non grata because of our over-use of their server. Thanks for the rapid confirmation it is a general issue.

@MichaelDonn Downloading the epw file in ladybug depends on the internet service, which is not a good choice. I perfer to download the epw file to my disk. When I need the epw file, just need one step to import it.

@minggangyin I cannot agree more. But, when we want to encourage Building Science exploration - including, what would happen if this building were somewhere else - then the epwmap allows students to concentrate on the where and what design options, not the process of modelling. That can come later…

I contacted DoE and they were kind enough to fix t quickly. It should be fixed now.


Brilliant - thank you