Enjoy free access to Ladybug Tools on-demand videos for meaningful distraction!

Dear Ladybug Tools Community,

We are aware many of you have been affected by COVID-19. Ladybug Tools has been thinking how we can help during these uncertain times. We would like to help our community by making it easier for you to cope with the current situation by following a number of emotion regulation strategies as suggested by Adam Grant:

Ladybug Tools challenges you to have a meaningful distraction during these times by learning and improving your Ladybug Tools knowledge!

Starting Monday March 16, we will be making two of the Ladybug Tools on-demand videos free for a week. One video for the individuals who are beginners and an advanced video for the experienced users who want to improve their skills.

For this week, you can watch the #1 Parametric Environmental Modeling with Ladybug | Workshop Recording and Early Design workflows for Human Centered Facades workshop series using the promo code learn-ladybug.

During the week, we will open a poll that allows you to vote on the video topic to be released the following Monday. See below for this week’s poll.

How to use the promo code:

  1. Log-in to your vimeo account.
  2. Go to the video collection page. See the links below. :point_down:
  3. Click on the Buy All button.
  4. Click on apply promo code.
  5. Use promo code learn-ladybug to buy the video for free.

The promotion code for these two video series is valid until Sunday March 22, 2020.

Vote here for the next video series for next week:

We want to thank our patrons who support us in creating these videos. Special thanks to @TheoA for getting the conversation started.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Stay safe and happy social distancing,

Ladybug Tools Team

Week 2

The Votes Are In! Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for the next free Ladybug Tools on-demand videos. This week you can watch #2 Parametric Daylight Modeling with Honeybee. Enjoy!

Vote here for the next video series for week 3:

Week 3

The Votes Are In! Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for the next free Ladybug Tools on-demand videos. This week you can watch #3 Energy and Comfort Modeling for Passive Design. Enjoy!


@mostapha That’s awesome, much appreciated!


it’s wonderful.
I do appreciate your kind and let me congrats Nowruz.
I still have one question, will these videos always be available to us after we use the promo code?
Best Regards

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بسیار بسیار ممنون و متشکر جناب رودسری

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No. We will make up to 2 videos available at a time. This will ensure the urgency to watch the videos during the week when they are available.

thank you for your response.

Thank you guys!

I CAN feel the urgency… oh yes.

Thanks a lot for this.

Bonsoir tout le monde,
Merci Mostapha

I can’t access [#1 Parametric Environmental Modeling with Ladybug | Workshop Recording]. I got this error : This promotion is no longer valid. Please contact the creator for help. what can i do?

We reached the max number of uses! That’s probably a good sign. I just bumped up the number. Try again now.

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Great it works, Thank you.

This was really helpful. Thanks a lot!

Thank you for fist week.
I can’t find promo bottom in #2 parametric daylight modeling with honeybee


same problem. no promo bottom…
mostapha thanks a lot, your tutorials are very good


Thank you very much for the videos, an excellent way to pass the time in quarantine!!
I have the same problem; can’t find any promo button.
Look forward to the next series


Many thanks for these videos, they are extremely helpful! :slight_smile: Unfortunately I cannot find the promo button for the second round…


I’m having the same problem with the promo button.
Thanks a lot for this great idea, awesome tutorials.


me also :frowning: no promo button