Error in AMY creation from NOAA data



I am trying the new Dragonfly (great tool, thank you). I am trying to develop the AMY for Jakarta. I have the following error:

I have attached the relevant files (gh file, the NOOA file, and the EPW) that I used.

  1. Any idea why this happened?
  2. Will this component work for multiple year NOOA data? (717.1 KB)


cc: @chris, @SaeranVasanthakumar


@erydjunaedy ,

I should mention that we are still working on making the AMY file generation more stable and bugs are to be expected in this component right now, especially given that some NOAA data sources can have very bad data quality. My best recommendation for the time being might just be to wait until we have the more stable method for generating AMY files finished, which should be in a couple of months. If you really need the AMY file, cleaning the data manually in excel might be the best route.

And I can confirm that the component is only meant to use a single year’s-worth of AMY data.


Did anyone find the solution to the amy creation. @chris i am getting the same error.


@Asisnath ,

Admittedly, that component that I built was really not coded well. Not only did I not use the best methods to account for estimating missing data like solar radiation but I did not code it to handle the wide array of situations that you encounter in the NOAA database (including a lot of holes in some data sets).

What I can say is that I just finished a pull request to the Ladybug[+] Core Library that adds nearly everything that is needed to build this workflow correctly. So I can put together some components that use these methods soon after we merge in that pull request (which should be within a week or so).

In the meantime, the best that I can offer is either manually processing the NOAA data or, if you know python, you can clone my branch of the Ladybug[+] core repository and use the EPW object, zhang-huang sky model, and a few other functions to help you process some of the data.


thanks @chris , will be waiting for an update to this.