Error in AMY creation from NOAA data

I am trying the new Dragonfly (great tool, thank you). I am trying to develop the AMY for Jakarta. I have the following error:

I have attached the relevant files (gh file, the NOOA file, and the EPW) that I used.

  1. Any idea why this happened?
  2. Will this component work for multiple year NOOA data? (717.1 KB)

cc: @chris, @SaeranVasanthakumar

@erydjunaedy ,

I should mention that we are still working on making the AMY file generation more stable and bugs are to be expected in this component right now, especially given that some NOAA data sources can have very bad data quality. My best recommendation for the time being might just be to wait until we have the more stable method for generating AMY files finished, which should be in a couple of months. If you really need the AMY file, cleaning the data manually in excel might be the best route.

And I can confirm that the component is only meant to use a single year’s-worth of AMY data.

Did anyone find the solution to the amy creation. @chris i am getting the same error.

@Asisnath ,

Admittedly, that component that I built was really not coded well. Not only did I not use the best methods to account for estimating missing data like solar radiation but I did not code it to handle the wide array of situations that you encounter in the NOAA database (including a lot of holes in some data sets).

What I can say is that I just finished a pull request to the Ladybug[+] Core Library that adds nearly everything that is needed to build this workflow correctly. So I can put together some components that use these methods soon after we merge in that pull request (which should be within a week or so).

In the meantime, the best that I can offer is either manually processing the NOAA data or, if you know python, you can clone my branch of the Ladybug[+] core repository and use the EPW object, zhang-huang sky model, and a few other functions to help you process some of the data.

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thanks @chris , will be waiting for an update to this.

Hello All,

I apologize for the late response here but I have finally gotten around to updating the Grasshopper script that creates AMY files from the NCDC data:

The new Grasshopper definition works with the new format of the NCDC data and it should be much more reliable across different sources of data in the NCDC.



@chris thanks a lot chris and i tried it. One Question chris i tried to update dragonfly with dragonfly update component and still it doesn’t updates the components to April version. Can you please guide how to get the latest version.
Thanks Asis

I also noticed this and checked that those DF components belong to DF +, which are not public yet (at least didn’t find them).
So in the meantime this example is the source.

@Asisnath and @AbrahamYezioro ,

You are right @AbrahamYezioro, that these components are a part of a new revision of Dragonfly that is in the works right now (aka. DragonflyPlus).

DragonflyPlus is currently hardcore WIP and the only components that are not placeholders are the ones in that updated Hydra example. I haven’t even put in a component to update the other components yet so that is why I wasn’t telling people to install them in their toolbars. Still, if you are willing to manually reinstall them later once they inevitably get updated, you can find the userobjects in this repository:

All of our work is always public but we might sometimes put it in an obscure repo if we are not yet ready to deal with a ton of support requests about it :slight_smile: !

Hello @chris. I tried with my location 2010 data and i came through this error.

6956787895513dat.txt (420.7 KB)
6956787895513stn.txt (449 Bytes)

It is working fine with paris data you provided. Is it a bug?

This is the “dark” LB … :sunglasses:

@Asisnath ,
Thanks for reporting the issue. It happened because your file did not contain any data about air pressure at the location of the weather station. However, the file has plenty of data on the pressure at sea level so I made a change in the code to substitute station pressure data with sea level pressure data whenever it is missing:

I also updated the hydra example such that you can now use it to create an EPW for your txt file. As a head’s up, it looks like the time zone of your location is a bit odd:

@chris, It worked perfectly now. Yes i too find the timezone a bit odd, nevertheless i will test this component with few other places. Thanks for the update.

Sorry this is weird. I keep updating this post to report various errors that happened to me when I tried Chris’ example. There are two updates below.

Hi @chris , I still cannot run the example you gave. I got this error:

  1. Solution exception:
    Failed to import ladybug:
    No module named ladybug.datatype.distance

Does that mean I do not have the ladybug[+] libraries? How to install them?

Update1: never mind, I got the above fixed by installing the ladybug[+]
But now the example came up with a new error:

  1. Solution exception:invalid integer number literal

This is on the importNOAA object, and it is already v4 (09 Apr 2019), still running the Hydra example.

Update2: The above automagically got fixed when I toggle on and off and on again.
But now the example came up with a new error:

  1. Solution exception:
    Failed to import ladybug:
    No module named ladybug_geometry.geometry3d.pointvector

This happened in Zhang-Huang object. I have no idea what this means, because the ladybug[+] is already up-to-date.

@erydjunaedy ,

Those errors have to do with the libraries not being installed correctly. Make sure that you have all of the ladybug libraries installed here:

… and then restart Rhino/Grasshopper.

Hi Chris,

I see the following error on all “Ladybug_ConverttoTimestep” components in the file.
“1. Solution exception: Connected _data is not a Hourly Data Collection. Got<class ‘ladybug.datacollection.HourlyDiscontinuousCollection’>”
I see the same error both with Paris weather file you provided and Toronto weather file I downloaded. Apparently, yours is sub-hourly, mine is quite discontinues/irregular (sometimes for every hour, sometimes for every 20-23 minutes).
I would appreciate any suggestion to fix this error.


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hi, dear @chris
I have a problem with the example
I used the example my file to create AMY but it shows this error message :

I tested with 2 kinds of components the last version from git and the example component !!|attachment (65.7 KB)

I get the same issue, please let me know if you have solved this?

Hi @Stranga,

You can find Chris’ response regarding this file in the link below.


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