Error in creating dif_1.mtx file for cumulative sky matrix

I’ve downloaded the epw file of Milano-Linate and placed it in “RadiationAn” folder on my computer, I’ve defined the “RadiationAn” folder as directory. Once i’ve set True in the toggle i found the gendaymtx.exe file in that folder but I obtained this error.

I would like to understand how to solve it, I’m at the very first step of using the software so I’m sorry if it’s too common for the forum but I can’t figure it out.

Thank you very much

What are the contents of the folder Milano_Linate_ITA_2005 (if it has been created at all)? It should look like the image below.

It seems like the file dif_1.mtx was not created. Is there a batch-file in the above mentioned folder? This batch-file is used to create the mtx-files.

It creates Milano_Linate_ITA_2005 folder with 3 files: .bat .epw and .wea, but without the die_1.mtx file… I’m working on apple, can it be related to the problem?

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with Ladybug Tools on Mac. However, there has been compatibility related questions by Mac users before. As seen here or here, ‘The legacy version of Ladybug/Honeybee is not intended to run on Mac’.

Ok thanks for the support, is it possible in the meanwhile for you to share the dif_1.mtx? I don’t know if it works but I would like to try so that I can continue working on my thesis.

Sure. You can find the folder here.

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