Error in defining PV panels (>100% surface area)

I encounter an error when I am defining PV panels

“1. Error! According to your inputs solar panels cover more than 100% of the surface area of the Honeybee surface shdSrf_0_0_6facc704-e1b2-49c4-9114-a1c7df5c55ad
Are you sure that the power rating and the number of modules on each surface is correct?
This value is calculated from the total power output of each PV generator (The sum of each PV module in that generator) divided by the surface area of the surface they are mounted on.”

Please help. Thanks.

It didn’t happen before. I also tested the definition uploaded here (Pv simulation doesn't work) and the error also exists (it didn’t happen before and the definition has a mechanism to detect whether the coverage exceeds 100%). (1.1 MB)

I believe it is related to the _cellsEfficiency and /or _powerOutputPerModule inputs. Set the later to less than you are giving and you’ll see that the area covered will be reduced.
In short, it is saying that the PV area is not enough to produce what you expect.

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