Pv simulation doesn't work

i simulated a pv but it doesnt work

generate or product energy is empty

Hey Hamed!
I was having the same problem with this version of HB for PV generation.
So, I checked the idf file and realized that the component PV_generation was not working correctly in this version… it was replacing some data that I set as input with some default values. Also, it seemed that the component was not reading the power output. Because of this, I decided to work with HB 0.62.
They told me that there are some issues with PV generator in HB 0.63, so I imagine that it would be better to wait for updates.
If you find a way to solve these issues, please, let me know because it’s important for me too.

I suggest that you keep an eye on: Why the “percentage of surface area” option is removed from the Generator PV component
I talked to Grasshope in this topic, and he tried to help me on private, but we weren’t able to solve the issue.

@AntonSzilasi, @chris what is the latest update on PV integration with EnergyPlus/OpenStudio? Anything that I can do to help? We either need to fix this or remove it. This has been a recurrent issue and is one of the "top 3 things people keep repeatedly complaining about* " and needs to be addressed.

* https://blog.codinghorror.com/complaint-driven-development/

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Thanks for the attention Mostapha :grinning:
I didn’t want to bother you, guys… I tried to learn a little bit of programming, but for me, it was not easy at all… I know that it takes a lot of time, and there is so much to think about, and you need so much concentration to make things work…
Anyway, I’d like to congratulate you for so much effort put into the development of this tool and for helping us, users, with questions that sometimes seem simple or obvious.

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@mostapha ,
I agree that this is a major complaint that, unlike some of the others, we can solve pretty easily by just nixing the HB PV generation and telling people to either use the LB Renewables components or the OpenStudio Measure that assigns PV. The HB PV generation would be nice to have but, if it’s clear that it’s not going to be maintained, we’re better off pointing people towards one of the two methods above that we know will work. We can give @AntonSzilasi a few more days to respond and, if we don’t hear anything, I’ll pull it out for the next stable release.

And you’re not bothering us @ligiana.fonseca . As the article Mostapha posted states, Compliant driven development is key to how we build the software :slight_smile: . You’re an integral part of the development process.

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@AntonSzilasi has sent me a comment and he won’t be able to work on the components for the next 6 months or so. Now we have two solutions:

  1. Remove the functionality! I think this will make a number of users upset including @Grasshope and @ligiana.fonseca.

  2. Get it fixed with the help from @Grasshope and other users who know the current issues and I assume have figured out some temporary fixes for them. @Grasshope how does it sound to you. I haven’t used PV objects in EnergyPlus before and won’t have time to learn it from the scratch but if you can let me know the specific issues as long as the fix doesn’t involve a total rewriting of the whole component I [assume that I] can get it fix for you.

Dear @mostapha, @chris and @ligiana.fonseca,

Yes. I contacted Anton a while ago in this regard, and I fully understand his current commitment to his own project.

I’d be glad to work with you to fix the issues related to PV simulation through EnergyPlus in Honeybee.

Please give me a few days this week to wrap up some submissions here.

Later, I’ll try to reproduce and document succinctly the issues I encountered so far related to the use of PV generator system component and the runOpenStudio components for debugging purpose. Then, I’ll hear your suggestions on how to proceed from there.

Will this be OK for you guys?

Ji, aka @Grasshope

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Absolutely! Looking forward to your update.

@Grasshope ,

I am also looking forward to it.

hi, again guys.
is it possible to bring back the HB_generator_wind_horizontalaxis component for the wind turbine to honeybee @chris @ligiana.fonseca @mostapha

Thank you very much @Grasshope, @mostapha and @chris!!!
I am going towards the end of my research project, so I’m not going to catch the updates on time. But, I will still keep an eye in the discussions here, for there are other researchers working with Ladybug/Honeybee in the lab that I work :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear @mostapha @chris @ligiana.fonseca,

The attached Word file summarizes the preliminary output of a few tests to check the issue related to the PVgen components.

Seven scenarios with different combinations of the related components in different versions were tested. Only the first two can get the simulation run correctly, with the rest having various issues.

To summarize, Combination A (Scenario 1) using the older version of the components generates the requested output variables correctly.

Combination B (Scenario 7) using the latest version of the components worked only when the code of PVgen was revised in two places to suppress the error output of “-1”. A few of the key output variables requested were missing.

The main issue is that with the same input, there is a 30% difference in terms of the result on PV electricity yield between these two scenarios.

The GH files of the 7 scenarios are attached, too, for your reference. I have not tested them on a different computer to check if the errors can be reproduced yet.

Please take a look and advise in case I missed something critical here.


Issues related to PVgen and exportToOpenStudio _v011.docx (1.8 MB)

test_PVgen_s1.gh (1.1 MB)
test_PVgen_s2.gh (1.1 MB)
test_PVgen_s3.gh (1.1 MB)
test_PVgen_s4.gh (1.1 MB)
test_PVgen_s5.gh (1.1 MB)
test_PVgen_s6.gh (1.1 MB)
test_PVgen_s7.gh (1.1 MB)


@mostapha @chris @AntonSzilasi
so we are not going see pv generation in future ?:disappointed_relieved:

@hamed.sangin ,

The PV components now out of WIP as you can see in the latest release notes:

They have been fully tested by @Grasshope as you ca see on our github:

@chris does this mean that the PV components will only be in the legacy version?

No. I will eventually add them to the LBT plugin. They aren’t the highest priority at the moment, though.

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@chris reach out to me if you need help I may be able to get some time off from my day job

I just want say appreciate to add HB PV generation feature on pervious HB version(legacy) and without t our thesis and paper wont be done.

P.S: we validated PV simulation result on ladybug.