Error msg of HB color surfaces by EP result:Not all of the connected _srfData branches are of the same length or there are more than 8760 values in the list

Hi all,

some of the the component in HB surface data by type detail like wall,interior wall…etc are not working in HB color surfaces by EP result.I am getting an error massage like above my discussion title.I have attached my file. Can anyone please solve this issue. Thanks.

HB simulatio upto tutorial 7 by (933 KB)

This error was solved here:… (937 KB)

Thank you so much Chris.

hi, chris, I’m meeting the same problem, but the reason seems different. could you please check my file and see what’s wrong? thx a lot!
color surfaces by ep result… (725.8 KB)

Then I changed to use EP instead of OS and the component runs. Where can I learn to tell the differents between EP and OS?

@WoodyHe ,
If you are using OpenStudio 2.7 and you have connected an AnalysisPeriod to the OpenStudio component, this type of error will happen because of a bug in OpenStudio 2.7. I recommend you use OpenStudio 2.5 for now since we know that it is bug free:

We have been working with the developers of OpenStudio and we are pretty confident that OpenStudio 2.8 should be bug free when it is eventually released.

Wow that’s sounds exciting! Thanks for your work on this!

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