Error when I create a Radiance custom material (HB+)

Hallo community and dear @mostapha, sorry if I Bother you.
I have a problem to create a custom Radiance Material with your python script for HB+.
I encountered in this error: Cannot import Radiance from Honeybee

I have the same problem, with other types of materials, likes mixfunc. (3.1 KB)

Can you please explain me, if Is a compatibily software problem and how to fix It?

Thanks and best regards

Hi @LiamRuvio,

You can use the Trans class from HB[+]. The BRTD class is not implemented in HB[+], but you can create a custom modifier using the Primitive class. Mixfunc is also not implemented, so you will have to use Primitive in that case as well using type=‘mixfunc’.

Download: (6.8 KB)

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Thanks for the help mikkel