Errors in the simulations. I am new to this, please help

Hi guys,
After learning how to simulate the model (I have done the model and linked some files for doubts regarding solving errors, reference from this post) I got this error 1. Solution exception:‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘Faces’ - grasshopper / honeybee-legacy - Ladybug Tools | Forum I have moved on to my thesis model. The architectural building being an IT park, office block made of net zero energy.

I finished modelling the building, I am unable to link the model due to file size limitations, it is 9 mb. Anything I can do to link it here?

I have also done the honeybee script as per my previous learning from Chris Mackey’s tutorials about honeybee energy modelling, (file below)

Energy model for my final (1.1 MB)

As I was simulating the model I ran into some errors. (Text file below)
errors of simulation.txt (105.5 KB)

I do not understand what these errors mean, some errors I saw repeatedly include:

Surface area of interzones do not match.
InterZone Surface Tilts do not match as expected.
InterZone Surface Azimuths do not match as expected.

Then I get the “no floor exists in a zone” error
is this the error that cascades into “not possible to calculate volume from surrounding surfaces” and “zero floor area” errors?
Please help me sort out these errors and guide me on what I can do to correct them.

here is the screenshot of the model, the layers correspond to the different types of spaces I have used for zoning as breps. (window trial is when I attempted to try out the HB add glazing component for the first time in this model, and the layer 01, default is nothing)

Then there is this final error summary at the bottom of the text file which contains the error report. Is it enough if I solve these errors? I am guessing that I have to make the services shaft and the lift shaft model as individual cuboid units for each floor instead of a single long cuboid unit from ground to roof. Is this how lift, staircase and services shafts are modelled?