I got this error 1. Solution exception:'NoneType' object has no attribute 'Faces'

I have attached the files for reference:

HB energy modelling from legacy.3dm (408.2 KB)
HB energy modelling on legacy from turoial 12.gh (752.7 KB)

I was following the last tutorial video of Chris Mackey on Honeybee Legacy on YouTube and I seem to run into this error. I have attached the files. I don’t know how to sort it out. Please help.

the tree on the right most of the model as per the image. I made it into a brep and when I link it to the HB component as shown in the tutorial, it shows this error.

There is another tree and both are modelled in a similar way i.e. the tree top Shape (cone or sphere) and a cylinder for the trunk, stacked close (like touching or sometimes, one inside the other) then using BooleanUnion to make it into a single object. I had no problem with the other conic tree but I have problem with this spherical tree as you can see here.


I run into no problem when I change the shape but as you can see in that video, his geometry was fine too and it was in a similar shape. Is there something I missed when modelling the tree? I know that energyplus can only see planar faces but how do I make this one into planar?

It worked for me when I exploded the spherical tree and capped the open surfaces to convert them both to closed surfaces.

I will try it. Thanks :slight_smile: