Export to OpenStudio Problem!

I am using this file < http://hydrashare.github.io/hydra/viewer?owner=chriswmackey&fork=hydra_2&id=EnergyPlus_Simulation&slide=0&scale=1&offset=0,0 >
as an example file, but when I run the model, I face with an error in the “exportToOpenStudio” component. I attach the screenshot of the error.

I installed OpenStudio 2.8, and after that I uninstalled it and installed OpenStudio 2.5, because I read in this link < Ladybug 0.0.67 and Honeybee 0.0.64 Release > that Honeybee is definitely friendly with OpenStudio 2.5.

Thanks for your consideration.

Change the rhino unit to Meters from rhino options then, recompute the GH or close & re-open the rhino and grasshopper.

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Thanks so much for the solution.