Failed Annual Daylight Simulation - 1 CreateRadFolder(...)

When I try run my daylight model on my work laptop (so no admin rights) I get the following error:

INFO: PermissionError: [WinError 32] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process: ‘C:\Users\sb37\.honeybee\honeybee.log’ → ‘C:\Users\sb37\.honeybee\honeybee.log.2021-07-19’

Any suggestions?

Hm, it’s an error from the luigi package that we are using. Are you trying to run several daylight simulations at the same time? Or do you have that file open in another program?

Also, just to be sure, is your username on your computer sb37?

Maybe @mostapha has some thoughts here.

Hi Chris, thanks for getting back to me.

I just made a simple box, with glazing and a grid, with one Annual Daylight simulation (trying) to run.

I have uploaded the test file I am trying to run.

Yes I have checked my user name is correct.

ShaniceDaylight test (40.4 KB)

Hi @chris , @mostapha this problem went away for a few weeks (I believe after I shut my computer down for the weekend) but it has randomly come back.

I have tried restarting my computer, and deleting all temporary files but when I run the Annual Daylight simulation I can see it creating the temporary folders, failing to run, then coming back (in the full report) with the error of permissions and something else is using the temporary file. Could it be a issue of something that is trying to run in parallel and trying to use the same folder?

Also note I can get the total sunlight hours within this model working fine (on a separate model/run), so I believe my radiance is properly installed.

Hi @Shanice ,

Can you upload the .log file that you have in the following location so that we can see the whole error:


Actually, I noticed something about your original file. Don’t connect anything for the grid_filter as you are filtering all of the grids out of your simulation:

logs.log (73.6 KB)
Hi Chris,
See attached. I have removed the grid connection before doing the run, but that didn’t solve the problem.

Hi Chris, I just noticed this post. I updated use the version controller and everything is working again. Thanks for the help!