Failed to Create Sky

Why do I keep getting “failed to Create Direct / Total Sky” error message from HB PMV component?
I linked the report error message in which runtime error say “None zero return code: 1”. Thank’s.

report_out.txt (900.0 KB)

The comfort recipes really weren’t meant to simulate single hours like what your run period has there. The EnergyPlus simulation under the hood has to run for at least a day, anyway.

Can you run the study for the full day and use the HB Read Thermal Matrix and the HB Visualize Thermal Map to load the data for the hour that you want?

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Hi @chris , sorry was my fault, I thought doing the simulation test with a minor run_period was faster. Actually my run_period is much more than 24 hours, but, if I set the settings as you can see in the picture, the real problem is the “RunEnergySimulation” error. :exploding_head:

Hi @Rhynoxas ,

I fixed the second issue this morning in the development version of the plugin. It was a typo and you can get the fix with the LB Versioner now. Alternatively, you can set up your run period use a _start_hour_ of 0 (midnight) instead of 1 (1 AM), which also gets around the issue.

The first error is happening because you are running the comfort simulation for hours of the year where the sun is not up so the shortwave solar calculation fails. The same error would happen if you ran a daylight or irradiance simulation with that period but I guess we haven’t really had to confront the issue because a daylight simulation for nighttime hours just would not make sense. Let me see if I can put in a temporary workaround but just having the commands write out blank files when there are no sun-up hours.

Hi @Rhynoxas ,

I just merged a bunch of fixes for this case of nighttime-only simulations. They are still making their way through our tests but they should be available with the LB Versioner in an hour or so.

Then, you’ll be able to simulate these nighttime run periods without issues:

Thank you so much @chris , I checked the fixed issue with the LB Versioner and now all works great!
Also the nightly simulation is interesting, very good job!

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