Failed to download the files needed to run EnergyPlus with OpenStudio 2.x

Hello everybody.
i´m an architecture student and in our class we are now working with honeybee and ladybug. I installed everything the way my teacher told me, but I have always the same error, like you can see in the screenshot. Does anybody know a solution for my problem? At least my teacher doesn´t know whats the problem. I installed Daysim, EnergyPlus, OpenStudio, Radiance and Therm7.


Hi @domi_rieser

Did you install openstudio 2.9 directly on C:\openstudio-2.9.1?

Yes I did. But not openstudio 2.9, I installed 2.5, that was the programm we got from our teacher.

Openstudio 2.5 should work fine.
What is this w\xe4hrend ment for?
Perhaps it has to do someting with this?

Ok. I think it means: Exception error during a web client request. But don´t know what it means.

I think I can’t help you with this.
Perhaps you can find some information here.

Ok thank you anyway. :slight_smile:

Start updating the file. The LBHB version on the image above are very old