I’ve been putting off installing LB|HB on the old hardware that is currently available to me, but, in trying to find out more about the negative area bug on RH6, I bit the sour apple and went ahead…

When I open the Github example file, I get an ‘Unrecognized Objects’ error message:


The file is in my UserObjects folder:

Just by posting this image, I figured out that the gha file should be in the %appdata%…/Libraries folder…
Just moving it there solves that problem of course…

At any rate, things like that make it less straightforward to install LB|HB.

@mostapha, any thoughts about adding LB|HB to the Rhino Package Manager?

@wim, can it be that the gha file needs to be unlocked?

No, I unblocked the zip file. Just moving it to the libraries folder made it work.

Is there an installer that puts all files in the correct places automatically that I’m overlooking?

Does that have something to do with why I have 2 False Toggles in my search list? The panel shows only one, but when I search there is 2. Couldn’t figure out how to get rid of that (not that it’s a huge deal).


Looks like it, yes. Having that gha file in both the Libraries and UserObjects folders will make it appear two times in that list. Just delete the one in the UserObjects folder.

Deleting doesn’t seem to make it appear only once… :confused: