Fisheye projection of honeybee

i have a question with glare analysis.

i want to use a fish-eye camera, take a luminance image and convert the image to HDR format to measure DGP using honeybee.

there are iso-distance projection and iso-solid angle projection for the projection method of the fisheye lens, but in the “image based simulation” of honeybee components, the fisheye can be selected, but the projection method of the fisheye cannot be set, and it is not known which.

does anyone know which projection type of fisheye lens is used in the component of honeybee “image based simulation”?

image based simulation

I suggest to search for this question on the Radiance forum. If I remember correctly similar questions has been asked before:

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I’m glad I found a solution to my problem.
Just in case, I would like to ask you a question again on the Radiance forum.

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Thank you.
I have an another question.

I would like to calculate the illuminance (Ev) at the observer’s eye position by the simulation of “Honeybee”. Is it possible?
Ev is a parameter in DGP.

The intent is to decompose the first and second parts of DGP. If the illuminance (Ev) of the observation point is known, DGP can be decomposed into terms.

The fact that DGP can be obtained from simulation means that (Ev) in the formula of DGP can also be obtained.

I would like to know if there is a way to extract only illuminance (Ev) from the simulation results.
about DGP.pdf (995.4 KB)