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It seems that there is a problem (or maybe I’m using it wrong) with the HB Energy, Ladybug Tools 1.2.0, “HB Fixed Interval Schedule” component. To illustrate the issue I have set up a simple energy simulation, with two different definitions of the same schedule: One using “HB Fixed Interval Schedule” and one using “HB Weekly Schedule”.

When using the fixed schedule ligths, equipment, people are zero, but when using the identical weekly schedule they have the correct values…

With “HB Fixed Interval Schedule”

With “HB Weekly Schedule”

Any feedback is highly appreciated!
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Thanks for letting us know @tobiaspedersentsp .

This seems to be a bug in OpenStudio’s Schedule: File object. It seems that OpenStudio SDK is trying to copy the file schedule into the generated_files directory and it just copies a blank file. I think, for now, I’ll just have the components revert back to using Schedule:Compact for the fixed interval schedule instead of Schedule:File. If you want a quick fix for now, you can just delete the schedule_directory=sch_directory from this line of the ModelToOSM component:

I verified that going back to Schedule:Comapct by deleting that one part of that line works. So I changed the development version to use Schedule:Compact for now:

I’ll investigate the Schedule:File solution more when I get the chance and thanks for reporting.


Thank you for the quick solution!

I just realized another problem which can be seen from the same model: The lighting and electric_equip doesn’t show from the standard component.

Eventhough they are present in the idf file

It can however be outputtet using the “HB read custom results” component.

The reason why you don’t see lighting and equipment is because you have an outdated version of your Ladybug Tools core libraries for the version of OpenStudio that you have installed. I suggest uninstalling and then reinstalling everything following the installation instructions and the compatibility matrix:

You can use this file to completely uninstall Ladybug Tools:

More info about the change that the EnergyPlus team made to create this issue can be found here:

hi @chris What is this FixedIntervalSchedule(.csv) for? This file blocked my running of Ironbug

Hi @fn

We run the FixedInterval schedules as CSV schedules since these are easier to visualize and edit as opposed to dumping the whole list of schedule values into the IDF. I don’t know why your IronBug got blocked but, if you want to avoid the CSV option, you can write all of the values into the IDF by removing the schedule_directory=sch_directory on this line of the “Model To OSM” component.

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