General LB / HB upgrading question

I tried searching for an answer, but I couldn’t find a clear explanation. It seems like a straightforward question, so it’s surprising there isn’t a similar post addressing it. So, there’s a possibility I might be overlooking something significant. Anyway, here’s my question:

We conducted a Radiance daylight analysis and saved the results to disk. However, when attempting to load these results on a different computer, we encountered a schema compliance error:

In trying to update to that specific version, I’m directed to use the LB Versioner component, which requires a version number for Ladybug tools. Upon inspecting Ladybug versions, I noticed they have a distinct naming convention (e.g., 1.6.0 and not 1.53.4). This led me to assume that each Ladybug version corresponds to a specific version of Honeybee. I’m now attempting to determine which Ladybug version is compatible with Honeybee 1.53.4. Is there any available information on this?


Hi @hzamani_i2c,

My understanding is that the component numbering, such as 1.6.1, is made up of the grasshopper release version, 1.6, and the number of changes to the code within that component since the version release, 1. So if you were to run the LB versioner now some components may be 1.6.0 and some may be 1.6.2, and all would be their latest versions.

This is separate to the actual LBT gh plugin version, which you can check like this with the HB Check Versions component.

You can find details of each version here:

The number in the warning you posted is from the underlying python versioning of the honeybee schema. This is separate to the GH components, for example the python code within a component might stay the same, E.g 1.6.0, but the python libraries used inside it might have had some changes (but still give the same input / output).

You can see how the python package for the warning you posted has developed over time here:

It’s fairly likely that the warning won’t impact what you’re trying to do.

Hope this makes sense. @chris might have written about this previously - I couldn’t find anything from a quick search

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Thanks for answering @charlie.brooker ,

What you said is correct. The version number that @hzamani_i2c is seeing in the warning is the version of honeybee-schema that is currently installed, which is basically the version of the HBJSON file format that is being used. This is totally separate from the LBT Grasshopper version or the version of any component.

Like you said, Charlie - you can probably ignore the warning, @hzamani_i2c , if you’re not using any particular new features of Honeybee like those in the last release (eg. window frames). The two versions of honeybee-schema are not that far apart. But the warning is just telling you that the HBJSON file format has had some changes/additions to it since the time when Ladybug Tools was installed on that machine.

If you are concerned about it, then running the LB Versioner component without anything connected to version_ will make sure that your plugin updates to the latest development version of LBT Grasshopper (including the latest honeybee-schema). This will ensure everything about the HBJSON is loaded correctly.