Generating window issue

Hi Community!

Here is the issue I am having with the new LB. I want to generate all external windows automatically as I use to do before with the legacy version. Which meant, if I am not mistaken, to do the zones, find the adjacencies and then ask to generate the windows. That workflow still seems to work with the legacy version, but with the new one it doesn’t seem like.

I know the issue might be in the way I am generating things but I couldn’t figure another way so far. If someone could shed a light I would be super grateful. Basically the issue is that the generation of rooms seems to have a warning for the rooms which are not completely closed inside, but they only have holes because this part with be filled but the subsequent rooms.

Because I am sure that all zones together make a closed volume, and also the individual breps are closed volumes, I ignored and went foward. But then I get this error about the x-axis plane and normal which I honestly have no idea what is this about.

I have tried excluding the top floors which have some weird shape, but I still get the same error. So, I am not sure what to do right now. Would anyone know? :slight_smile:

Here is the script: (454.2 KB)

Also surface normals seems correct.

Hi @ncatunda Check this post if it might help you.

Hi thanks for the quick reply @Asisnath.
Unfortunately I do not want to assign surfaces, but to use the HB apertures by ratio.

hi @ncatunda,

I checked your model. It is situated far out of the drawing origin. You should place the model in the center of the drawing. This will avoid problems with your geometry. (426.4 KB)

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@Erikbeeren If I bake the moved model to Rhino and use ZEA, it zooms out really far - something is left over in the original position. I couldn’t select it, I don’t know what it could be. @ncatunda it would be a good idea to model relatively close to the world origin:

What returns closed polysurfaces, Edge Analysis shows no naked edges, your input seems ~ok to me.

Also, the “Wohnungen” HB_Room from Solid component shows a warning, that one of the geometries are not closed - but if you bake the origional “Apartments” breps back to the model, it says everything is a closed polysurface (see previously).

Grasshopper seems also okay with the original inputs:

Isn’t it the case, that all subsequent rooms need to be closed by themselves?

I found 17 Apartment brep causing warnings with the Room from Solid component for some reason:

They also have weird display glitches:

If I remove the said erroneous breps and follow your script, there is some silent weirdness going on with the shafts - the zones classified as Steigzonen produce errors:

In the Aperture by Ratio component:

I’ve found 17 breps that cause a warning when creating the HB Zones from Solid, and 4 create HB Zones from the remaining list, that won’t accept an aperture.

These are the HB Zones that won’t play along with me:

Room: Steigzonen_4
Room: Steigzonen_23
Room: Steigzonen_34
Room: Steigzonen_35

Did you use the Intersect Solids component to get the proper intersections? I think it could introduce some permanent glitches when applied really far away, at least I wasn’t able to fix your (actually I was using Erik’s) file. :frowning: (1017.1 KB)


Nice, that is something I really didn’t know! I knew the model was super far, but this only happened because it came from a map cad file, probably correctly georeferenced - means light years away the zero from the software.

About the rest… WOW, thanks for checking thoroughly! I was a bit naive to think that if it shown as closed brep then the issue wasn’t there. Thanks a lot! I will try to figure here what could be happening with those geometries.

About the intersect I used separately looking for a solution but excluded and I sent here in the forum without it. I’ll have a look in that as well. Thanks!

Nice, that is something I really didn’t know! I knew the model was super far, but this only happened because it came from a map cad file, probably correctly georeferenced - means light years away the zero from the software.

If you want to georeference a project you can use the earth ancor point in Rhino.

In Grasshopper you could use HERON or GISMO to set this earth ancor point.

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I actually didn’t think about it, but it might be a neat solution though! :slight_smile:

Ok, here it go.

It was just a simple geometry issue. Even though the brep was closed, it was composed sometimes by more than one co-planar surface and I believe this was causing the problem. What I did was to rebuild the geometry again via via exploding -> simplifying -> re-building the base curves then extruding the volumes.

I guess I could have used “merge faces” but I wanted to have my geometry clean waaay before, when I am still building the curves.

Now is working, here the result (not with the same geometry but with a similar one):

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