Getting different result of Average DF/ DF after re-run the same script/ input data

Hello guys, im new with grasshopper and honeybee/ ladybug tools. I have a problem when i run/ bake daylight simulation more than one time without changing the input data, its always give me a different result. i got confuse because i dont change any script or input.

i compare the DF result between 5 colors. but if i “bake/run” the analysis, the result always different even though i havent change my surface color/ data input. for the example:
all surface white:
first the result of Average DF (ADF) i got: 27.1%
second result: 26.9 % etc (i re-run/ re-bake for double check the result but the result always change)

Can someone help me to solve my problem? thanks

@vanessavivian Radiance uses a stochastic sampling for calculation and 5-10% difference is expected. If you want to minimize the difference you can set radPar to be high. You should go through this.

can you tell me which one of this that i should set to be high? thanks!

@Asisnath sorry i dont know should i mention u or not for ask more question hehe

@vanessavivian If you change the quality on rad parameter component from low to high you can see the rad parameters changing. More you go towards high more accuracy it is on the cost of more time for simulation. You can read more about this parameter from radiance website and here.

@Asisnath i cannot access the website, can you give me another link? thanks!

@vanessavivian check this

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@Asisnath thank you!