Glass interior walls

Hello everyone,

I am trying to make make transparent interior walls. I’ve tried use the interior window construction as an alternative constuction input in the solve adjacencies component. Also I’ve tried a custom glass construction as an alternative construction. Both options however give severe errors when running energy-plus. The warnings state that glass is not allowed for a wall surface.

Does anyone have suggestion of how I go about modelin this the right way? I couldn’t find any previous discussions on this topic.



Hi Samuel, I assume you are trying to run an energy simulation? In that case you need to create a very big window inside the wall, and assign the custom glass construction to it and then try to solveAdjc. There is no wall glass definition in EnergyPlus. Every window should be inside a wall.

Hi Sam,

Interior windows are very easy to make in HB and I feel that your confusion is my fault as I have not put up a tutorial video on interior windows yet. I have attached an example file that shows you how to create interior windows, change their construction, and even include interior/exterior blinds on the windows. It should be noted that, by default HB is going to add different default constructions to interior and exterior windows (interior will usually be single pane and exterior will usually be double pane). As you see in the file, you can change these as you like.

The attached GH file also shows you that I have worked functionality of interior window transmissvity into the thermal maps that I made for my thesis.

Let us know if you have any other questions,

-Chris (582 KB)



Could you please update the file above because I am trying to download it and it fails?

thanks a lot!

Hi - This discussion was originally posted here:

You will be able to download the definition from the thread on that site.

Hello, I’m also having problems related to that issue. But I cannot open the uploaded file. Could you help me?