Green Facade in Therm

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is THERM capable of simulating a layer of vegetation (with or without soil)? In Energy+ there´s a possibilty to take Minimum Stomatal Resistance and Moisture Diffusion etc. into account.

Here is a similar topic.

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Hi @DominikSimon ,

It’s hard to give advice without knowing exactly what you want out of a Therm simulation of a green roof. At first I thought you were trying to account for any thermal resistance that vegetation could add to the roof U-value (which is probably small enough to be ignored or approximated with a “Frame Cavity Slightly Ventilated” material).

However, now that I see you are asking about stomatal resistance, it sounds like you don’t want to run a Therm simulation at all (or any steady state simulation for that matter). If you are trying to account for how much cooler a green roof surface will be because of plant evaoptranspiration, your best bet is to run a transient simulation with EnergyPlus.

This example shows you how to model a green roof with Honeybee EnergyPlus.

You can use the Honeybee_Color Surfaces by EP Result component to visualize how much cooler the green roof is than alternatives like you see at the end of this example file.