Green Facade in Therm

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is THERM capable of simulating a layer of vegetation (with or without soil)? In Energy+ there´s a possibilty to take Minimum Stomatal Resistance and Moisture Diffusion etc. into account.

Here is a similar topic.

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Hi @DominikSimon ,

It’s hard to give advice without knowing exactly what you want out of a Therm simulation of a green roof. At first I thought you were trying to account for any thermal resistance that vegetation could add to the roof U-value (which is probably small enough to be ignored or approximated with a “Frame Cavity Slightly Ventilated” material).

However, now that I see you are asking about stomatal resistance, it sounds like you don’t want to run a Therm simulation at all (or any steady state simulation for that matter). If you are trying to account for how much cooler a green roof surface will be because of plant evaoptranspiration, your best bet is to run a transient simulation with EnergyPlus.

This example shows you how to model a green roof with Honeybee EnergyPlus.

You can use the Honeybee_Color Surfaces by EP Result component to visualize how much cooler the green roof is than alternatives like you see at the end of this example file.


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Hi Chris,
how this GreenRoof can be used as an interior green material?

when this is used as internal wall construction and this layer is getting inside layer, the simulation is failing, saying “ECO ROOF” material is inside. how to write this so that it doesn’t catch as a eco roof…
any suggestion!

"here layer 5 had this construction , it showed a u value but failed to simulate…by saying eco roof is interior layer"