Transient HAM Flow

I would like to model heat, air and moisture transfer through the building elements.
I know that EnergyPlus has this ability through it’s Combined Heat and Moisture Transfer (HAMT) Model calculation engine. However, I have no idea how to access it either through Honeybee or OpenStudio.

Looking through some of the previous forum questions, one that seems quite relevant was the forum question about the green facade.
Chris solved the issue with an example file. This file included a script that set the ‘moisture diffusion calcuation method’ to advanced. I believe that this then activated the HAMT Model calculation engine?

If so, is there any way to set accurate moisture diffusion resistance values or moisture storage values for the construction materials?

@Stranga According to your description, maybe WUFI®Plus is a better choice.

Hi @minggangyin, thanks for your reply!

I will be using WUFI Plus, though my understanding is that EnergyPlus does have this capability embedded deep in the engine and I would like to explore the option to use Grasshopper further.