Having problem installing ladybug rhino 6

hello i am having trouble installing ladybug for rhino 6
i downloaded the latest version and followed the instructions but the second part running the bat file is where i have a problem

the message that pops up when i run the bat file ssays
that the computer is unable to to run the program.contact with the company that maded for a comatible version

i tried even running it as an administrator but still there was a problem
can anyone help? unfortunately the forum doesnt allow me to post pictures because i am a new member

Do you get the error message when you try to run the batch file? It only tries to edit the XML file and add the path to Python search paths so Rhino can find the installation. There is a post on the forum that goes through every step of the process about how you can do it manually.

It sounds like you’re on a machine that’s got some restrictive settings on it. Here’s the post about setting the path manually that Mostapha referenced, which will definitely work for you:

Another option is to upgrade to Rhino 7 since, in Rhino 7, there’s no longer any need to run the .bat file.

thank you for taking time to asnwer me! well mostafa and chris yes i get the error when i try to run the batch file i dont think there are restriction to my machine as its my own private laptop . as for the manual way i did a thorough check before posting here and i found it . i even tried it but there was no diffference . i downloaded an older version of ladybug and honeybee version 0.6 dragged it to the grasshopper and installed it … the truth is that i have never used GHPython but i do have installed the component soo i dont really understand what you meant there …