How to Manually Add Ladybug Tools to the Rhino Python Path

Several users have been trying to install the new Ladybug Tools plugin using the Food4Rhino installer but they lack an APPDATA environment variable as they are likely not the owners of their machine. This results in the failure of the last step on Windows - running the set_python_path.bat and users experiencing all Ladybug tools components returning the error:

Failed to import xxx: no module named xxxx

While our primary recommendation for this case is to just purchase an executable installer by emailing, there is a manual workaround if you are willing to spend more time to implement it. It is as follows:

  1. Make sure that the following directory exists on your machine after following all of the previous installation steps:

  2. Open Rhino and type the EditPythonScript command into your command bar. This will bring up the following window:

  3. Select Tools > Options from the menu bar at the top. This will bring up the following window:

  4. Click the button highlighted in Green above, which is labeled “Add to search path” and allows you to add a new path to Rhino Python.

  5. This will bring up a menu where you can navigate to the site-packages folder noted above like so:

  6. Hit OK for all of the windows you opened and close Rhino.

  7. The next time that you restart Rhino/Grasshopper the Ladybug Tools components should work without import errors.


Thanks Chis. It worked perfectly.

It worked perfectly ! Thank you Chris

I’m not sure why, but I don’t have a pyton folder in this location. How does one fix that issue?

Thanks chris. it worked perfectly!

Thanks Chris! Resolved the issue