HB adaptive comfort map issue with 1.2.2 version

Dear users,

With the latest HB adaptive comfort map, if I assign one day analysis period, the analysis will be stopped and says it cannot find csv file in TCP folder.
But if no specific analysis period, there is no problem.
Does it have to run with annual period?

Below attached is the test file which presents the mentioned issue.
comfort_mapping.gh (82.5 KB)

To get specific results for specific days, you input the analysis period to HB Visualise Thermal Map, instead of the comfort map components

That is one way to do it, @Ege , but the comfort mapping components definitely support simulation for only a specific run_period (without the need to run the whole analysis and then apply the period in post-processing). It looks like the error was happening because the TCP calculation hadn’t been built for the case that the simulation is for one day on the weekend (where there is no occupancy). I just pushed a fix for this:

You’ll be able to get it on your end with the LB versioner in an hour or so. Thanks for reporting!

many thanks for the solution! @Ege @chris