HB+ AnnualDaylight Solution exception:invalid literal for float(): FORMAT=ascii

I am trying to run an annual daylight simulation (DC) with HB+, and i get a Runtime error.
i have attached a gh file (it’s one of the sampleFiles) with the report of the runRadiance component internalized.
HB _DC_gridbased_Issue.gh (452.1 KB)

Anyone know the cause?

Did you recently update Radiance installation? The new version of Radiance generates a longer header. Sync with GitHub and it should work fine.

Your assumption was correct,
i had Radiance 5.2.1 installed just before the issue,
updating HB+ using the installer component solved it.
Thank you!

By the way, in the annualDC and in the annualDL,
can i set more cpus to run in parallel (as in the Legacy version)?

Soon yes. I’m working on it right now!


good luck with it!

Hi Mostapha I am facing the same issue with my daylight model, I have installed Radiance 5.2 and Honeybee+ 0.0.04. How could I solve it?

Either install an older version of Radiance or update honeybee[+] to sync with GitHub.

We have just modified all the userobjects for Honeybee[+] so if you don’t want to recreate you sample file my suggestion is to install Radiance 5.1 for now.

Thank you for your reply, I have just installed Radiance 5.1 but while the simulation is running I receive Windows Error message that rfluxmtx.exe, oconv.exe, rcontrib.exe ecc. are not working.
I have tried to reinstall Radiance but it gives me the same problem…

I have never seen such error. Does it run correctly outside Grasshopper from the command line? Did you install the 64 bit package?

Yes it was the 64bit package. How can I run it outside Grasshopper? It seems it doesn’t have an .exe file

Hi everyone,
I have almost similar problem and when I update the Honeybee[+] it returned errors (btw, I used Radiance 5.2 and Honeybee[+] 0.0.4). Also, when drop the Annual metric calculation it returned error. However, ASE calculation was successfully performed. Could anyone help me with this. I attached the Grasshopper algorithm.


Excercise.gh (531.1 KB)