HB Building Programs - Source of Program Assumptions and Editing Room Program Ratios


I’m reviewing the Honeybee Energy Standards that are packaged with the installation and have couple questions.

  1. What is source of these standards? From old forum post, it looks like these were developed and maintained by NREL. Is that still correct? Is there a particular research project LBT is referencing?
  2. If a building level program is applied e.g., LargeOffice. Are the ratios listed in the “building_mix.json” the ratios used to build the internal gain assumptions in the building level program? Is there a recommended LBT component for viewing and editing these ratios in Grasshopper?

Spent more time digging for an answer on this.

  1. Reference for Building Program. See links below. Stems from partnership w/ DOE and NREL.
    Ladybug Tools for Grasshopper 1.3.0 Release
    Commercial Reference Buildings | Department of Energy

  2. Yes, the building level program is derived from room level ratios and it appears that the ratios listed in the .json are the values applied.

For editing the default ratios of a single building program, perhaps the HB blender component would work

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That’s all correct, @victorbrac . And you’re right that you should use the HB Blend ProgramTypess if you want to create your won custom program averages from different ratios.

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