HB[+] Daylight Autonomy incorrect scattered results

Hi all,

I’m getting unexpected results for a daylight autonomy simulation and am wondering whether my model has issues or the components might not be working properly. I’m using HB/LB+ …0.04 and Rhino 5.0.

As a test before working on a larger model I created a simple box with a window to the side and a skylight. The first image below shows the simulation using only the side window. The result is a DA of 0.
The second time I included a skylight. The result was a DA higher than 0, but the results appear very random / scattered.

I’ve tried updating components to v05 but I got the same issue as Jan here:

Using only HB legacy components, the simulation did work (see last image).

For both cases I also ran an illuminance simulation with HB+ components for which the results do make sense.

result with side window only:
result with skylight:
lux simulation results:
Box_Lux Box_Lux_skylight

Result of the simulation using HB legacy components (expected results):

Grasshopper file:
Annual Daylight Simulation Test R1 [HB PLUS] v2.gh (526.4 KB)

Hi @anne_GA, let’s see if we can get the installation error fixed. See the comment that I left on the other topic.