Installing beta from github


Since i’m struggling with annual daylight simulations, (see 5-phase annual daylight won't work with example files) i tried to install the latest versions of honeybee+ for grasshopper to be able to use the newest example files.

i’m running on windows, rhino 6SR19, python 3.6, radiance 5.

My approach was:

  • install honeybee and ladybug with pip install … . because of fileaccess i had to do this as administrator. the main scripts where copied to C:\Program Files\Python36\lib\site-packages\
  • copied the userobjects from to my appdata…directory
  • since the main scripts weren’t found when placing an userobject in grasshopper i copied them to \AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\scripts\honeybee\

Sadly that didn’t work. Is there an offical guide on how to uses the betas from github?

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Hi @HeikoWoehrle, There is an update component that does take care of the installation process. I will check the other question shortly. Meanwhile a couple of notes.

This won’t work for Grasshopper since Grasshopper doesn’t look into Python folder. You should copy them to scripts folder which you mentioned in step 3. Also keep in mind that ladybug and honeybee are lbt-ladybug and lbt-honeybee on pip.

Finally installing honeybee will also install ladybug for you as a dependency. Again this doesn’t help with Grasshopper installation but FYI.

pip install -U lbt-honeybee


Hi Mostapha,

reading the above comments I get the sense that it might be related to a problem that stumbled into trying to up-date HB [+] recently. I have been running some image based simulations using different BSDF files with HB [+] 05 version Oct 2018, however the results were not satisfactory, so while looking for a solution I tried updating. Now I am experiencing some issues with the up-date component in Honeybee [+]. Updating has worked fine for previous versions but this time for some reason it is not working. I am not quite sure what exactly the problem is (please see screenshot attached). Components from previous definitions won’t work anymore neither. Is there a known issue to this problem, or any suggestion for solution?

Many thanks for looking into this.

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@Jan, Can you try the new update component that I shared here?


Many thanks for the quick reply. The installer component worked, however after reopening Rhino and Grasshopper all HB [+] components give the same error message (see screenshot). I would be very grateful for any suggestion to what might be the issue.

HB[+] Daylight Autonomy incorrect scattered results

What do you see if you double click on the component and run it. That should give you a longer error report with the line number. This is an strange error not sure what is going on. Knowing the error line can help.


Hi Mostapha, I’m a bit of a beginner but I get the same error today. Here is what it looks like when I “test” the python component:


Hi Mostapha, thanks for following up on this. Please see below a screenshot of the error messages. Looks like several of the components did not up-date. Let me know in case you would need the full text error report or file for further diagnosis.