HB didnt recognize roof properly?

i have a very simple mass. 4 story building.
when I insert the model into grasshopper brep and convert it HB zones then solve adjacency the result show wrong roof surface!!!

Hi mostafaa! I think I have a problem similar to yours. The roof is being recognized as a ceiling, and I ran some tests and it seems that there is no calculation of direct solar radiation falling into it.

I would like to solve it as well, and just made a post about it

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Just found this topic that might help understand the problem. Mostapha said “The issue happens because Honeybee fails to figure out the adjacencies correctly”. But once the zones have the adjacencies solved, I can’t deconstruct the Brep to change the surface type of a single surface, and then make it into multiple zones again.

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yes. I explode the lower solid in rhino scene. then split the top surface of it manually (which honeybee should do this :slight_smile: )
after that i join the exploded part then insert into rhino. now honeybee understand the roof properly.