HB-Energy: Combining ventilation control objects

Hi all,

I have been trying to define a window opening profile that incorporates two separate ON periods (first half vs second half of the day as an example) and each period is controlled by separate temperature conditions. I have created two vent control objects and directly connected both to the WindowOpen component.

When I plot the resultant natural ventilation gains (below) I can see that only the second vent control object has been applied to the window.

My question is: what is the correct way to apply a combination of control conditions to a window opening profile?

I would appreciate any help with this!

That’s not natively supported by the Ventilation Control objects of Honeybee. If you want to simulate something that customized, then you should use additional IDF strings to customize your simulation (or an OpenStudio Measure or a post-process OSM using the workflow described here).

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