HB EP Window Shade Generator error

Hello everyone!

I’m experiencing a fatal error when designing external shading using Honeybee EP Window Shade Generator component and running the energy simulation. The error message:

The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error: **
** ** Severe ** Line: 1572 Index: 29 - “WindowProperty:ShadingControl” is not a valid Object Type.

I have played around with multiple inputs of the Shade Designer, I updated the file and HB components, checked for any possible errors and could not find the cause for this error.

Next, I opened the Hydra shared file called EnergyPlus_Window_Shade_Generator uploaded by @chris. I wanted to check only the blinds part of the building so I only connected 1 zone as shown below:

The simulation of Chris’s file results in the same error as in my script, therefore, I only uploaded my test version of the file from Hydra.

I’m wondering if others would experience the same problem or if it is an issue with my machine. Many thanks for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

EnergyPlus_Window_Shade_Generator.gh (658.4 KB)

Running just fine on my end.

Thanks for checking @AbrahamYezioro.

I still don’t know why this error persists on my machine, and I’m not too technical to find a solution. Perhaps uninstalling the plug-ins could help?
If someone has got any advice on how to solve it, please give me a shout :pray:

Running Chris’s simulation with all zones connected as in the original file I also get a different error, which is this:

Indeed there are different errors.
For the former, as i replied, i didn’t get any issues and it runs fine on my side.
For the later (when you connect both zones) the complaint relates to a missing construction for a window.
Checking thoroughly i’ve found that even though HB assign construction defaults for all surfaces you produced a case that seems to be is not considered for those assignments: The top window in the lower zone.
I manually assigned some default construction (Exterior Window) and now it runs fine. Find attached.
@chris , FYI.

EnergyPlus_Window_Shade_Generator_AY.gh (668.7 KB)

Hi @aguosha,

I am not if you have sholved this as it has been some time now. What is the Openstudio version you are using.
In my experience, this component works for versions up to 2.6, but after 2.7 there is a naming missmatch that creates the issue.

@chris please correct me if this is wrong or if this is already a known issue.

kind regards,

@chris @mostapha
I’m experiencing a fatal error when designing external shading using Honeybee EP Window Shade Generator component and running the energy simulation. The error message:

This problem has been seen before, but no one has given a clear answer.

Please upload the file, or a simplified working version of it.

Version of openstudio which I installed is 2.7.0 and version of my EnergyPlus is 9-0-0.

EnergyPlus_Window_Shade_Generator-00.gh (584.2 KB)

I checked you definitions. You need to update your ladybug honeybee than it runs fine.EnergyPlus_Window_Shade_Generator-00.gh (588.2 KB)

I updated it. This problem is not solved.
Is the version of Open studio and Energy plus important?

I am using OS 2.9.1 and energyplus 9.2

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The problem was solved by updating OS.

Thank you for your answer

Why isn’t HBObjWShades output recieved when I set the number of shades to 1 ?
I want to create a lighting schedule with light analysis with shades. This error is became a problem for me.

You can refer to this example on Hydrashare http://hydrashare.github.io/hydra/viewer?owner=chriswmackey&fork=hydra_2&id=EnergyPlus_Window_Shade_Generator&slide=0&scale=1.0575788736315563&offset=12.500768404015162,19.32217295900122

Did you try it? This error is also in that file.

@chris , Please help me.

Check this discussion.

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Hello, I have the same error with my own model. I see the error occurs when I create the shadow after creating the HBzones. Is correct?

So what I have to do? Solve the adjacences, explode, apply the shadow and finally close again?

Or it is better to brep the new shading and apply it as a external shading?


The best thing to do, right now, is to upload your file (simplified version) so people can try to help.

Thanks Abraham

I upload the file simplified.

INT_Energia_SIMPL.gh (602.6 KB)

I discovered that you must add a battery of mass2zone after creating shading, the problem is, if you do that, it remove the properties of previous zones (Conditioned, unconditioned, schedules…).