HB Load gbXML error

I’m getting an error when trying to use the “HB Load gbXML” function in HoneyBee (v 1.2.0). I’m attempting to load an .osm created with the OpenStudio app (1.2.0)

The reason for using the app is that we use software that can create gbxml from the 3d geometry but the file has some issues. I can usually fix the issues with the OS App so we can distribute the xml file for use in other departments.

SampleGBXML.osm (998.7 KB)

0. Runtime error (AssertionException): Illegal character "/" found in honeybee object identifier

hi there,

I’ve had the same error previously. try to update the package using the versioner and it should work just fine.

Check below for more info.

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You are correct in your suggestion, updating worked great.