HB[+] Lookup DaylightFolder equivalent, to retrieve .ill files from specific directory

This feature was mentioned in a previous post, but i am not sure if it has been implemented in HB[+] yet.

I need to recall results in Grasshopper for post-processing. In particular i would need to retrieve an .ill file and get the illuminance values per hour per grid point. This was done in the Legacy version by use of the ReadHouryResults components, which provided a tree structure (one branch per hour, n values for n points in every branch).

Creating a file path is easy, but the .ill file looks like a matrix in HB[+], which i need to break down in illuminance values per point per hour (or per hour per point). So, is there a way to do that in HB[+]?

See the code sample here if you have recently updated Honeybee[+] library:

Between that time and now the whole implementation of AnalsyisGrid has changed!

Ok i see, thank you for the info!