HB shade not working properly on Energy analysis

Dear community,
After many years of working with the great LB HB legacy, I am testing the 1.3.0 release.
I made a simple shoebox model for energy analysis and given a set of shades through the HB shade 1.3.0 component, I notice that these will not affect results on HB Peak Loads and HB Annual Loads, while HB Model to OSM takes them into account
I tried many code configurations and geometry types (input from Rhino or generated with GH), but unfortunately results are not changing.
I have attached the model.

@chris or @mostapha any hints?
Your help and suggestions will be very appreciated!
Many thanks in advance

XXXX_shoebox_AB_210917 for forum.gh (190.0 KB)
xxxx_shoebox_210918_AB for forum.3dm (82.3 KB)

Hi @alberto.bruno , I checked your .gh definition. Although I am not able to notice same results for with and without shades for peak loads and Annual loads calculation. The results do vary in the expected manner.

With Shades

without shades

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Dear @maheshjayayachander many thanks for the prompt feedback.
I re run the code on two different laptops (one with Rhino 7, the other with Rhino 6).
I have also updated the components with LB Versioner (in case it helps…) and checked the plugins on both:

I wasn’t lucky: the results are not changing again.
@chris or @mostapha any hints?
Thank you again,

Hi @alberto.bruno
I seem to face the same issue where the results do not change with or without HB shades. Did you find a resolution to this?