HB Shade not working

The results for the energy analysis does not change irrespective of adding HB shades or not. I initially assumed that the shades are probably not too deep and hence there is no effect, but I tried adding very long overhang, and yet no difference.

It is very similar to this issue listed on the forum earlier.

Is there a fix to this? Or would it be preferred if I attach my model to go through this?

Without a minimal sample file to know what you are talking about, its hard to know if you are just not assigning the shades correctly for your simulation or if shade just doesn’t have a significant impact for your case.


Here’s the very simplified version of the grasshopper script that’s relevant to this issue.

Irrespective of the depth of the shades constructed or no matter how many have been added there doesn’t seem to be an evident difference, which in my opinion, in theory is impossible.