Hb surfaces to WindowGroup State

hi @sarith
One of the things you haven’t discussed in the forum is the HB Surface input for HoneybeePlus_WindowGroup State Component on Honey Plus. What exactly does Surface mean! In fact, can any surface be used? This Surface will be assigned on BSDF!
I gave it two Surface Unconventional models with HoneybeePlus_WindowGroup as input, one of which matched the window group vector and the other was the opposite. it ran both without an error and had no problem; But the results were no different. Which makes sense that they should be significantly different.
I did this to see if I was completely wrong; I did not receive any error.
thanks in advanced

Hi @Aliarch,

I think you are also facing the same issue which I faced earlier. I think this particular component is not working still. Thanks.

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hi @tarun0949

Thanks for the reply. Yes, unfortunately this input has no effect on the outputs. I hope @sarith and @mostapha give an explanation.

@mostapha can answer for sure but I believe that this capability was never fully realized in HB[+] and it was just a placeholder for future development (at the time).

However, the capability to specify detailed dynamic shade geometry will be a part of the new LBT Honeybee Recipes that we are working on now. We have already implemented the core code that translates the dynamic geometry elements into the radiance folder. @mikkel is working on adding support for these dynamic groups into the annual-daylight recipe now. Hopefully, this should be complete by the next stable LBT release.

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@chris Thanks for the clarification.

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