HB[+] window group states component allow opaque HB_srf or only HBWinsrf?

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For the DC recipe in HB+, does the state component account for opaque geometries as follows or is it strictly Hb window surfaces:



Hi @OlivierDambron,

Right now and because of how the window group is set-up it only makes sense to be used for windows and the input for HBSrfs_ does not really work at all.

I’m working on the new folder schema which will provide much more flexibility as we talk.

hi @mostapha

Thanks for the prompt reply. I look forward to it!

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I started to question the idea of having DynamicModels for non-aperture parts of the model. It just looks like we are putting two different simulations into one.

Can you help me to understand your use case? Are you trying to remove the Window from the scene as a state? That will result in all 0s for that state since Honeybee blacks out all the other aperture in the scene and this one is opaque so no way for light to get-in to see the effect of changing the material.

Am I over-complicating the problem?


I was trying to make a shading geometry dynamic by setting it as a window group and assigning:

  • 1.0 transmittance in state 0
  • 1.0 transmittance + explicit opaque geometry in state 1

I’ve modeled the true layer of glazing (not showing in the screenshot above - transmittance 0.8) right behind the shading.

I find XML files not really straight forward to build with Window + verify results afterwards. Although they filter the correct amount of light for DC grid-based , the patterns don’t show up in DC and nonDC image-based simulations. The visual daylight experience with different shading configuration can’t be captured.

So far I would use DynamicModels for non-aperture parts/opaque-materials for explicit shading, seasonal vegetation or to test multiple material reflectances quickly.

Hope this makes sense and that I answered your question,


ps: without the functionality, I’ve been doing separate simulations and weighted average according to hoys.

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Thank you! It answered my question and justify the need for non-aperture dynamic model. Will address this soon:

Hello @OlivierDambron @mostapha
Even I am trying to do the same thing. These are the details of my models.

Are there any updates on adding opaque HB_Surfaces in window states?