Heating/Cooling Availability Schedules for HVAC Systems

Thanks for LBT Teams Great work!!
I have one question for trying new version
Does new version have HeatingAvailSchedle and CoolingAvailSchedle?
I would like to try load simulation.

Technically, they exist for Ideal Air Systems on the SDK layer as you can see here. However, they are not implemented on the detailed HVAC templates, mostly because it is pretty easy to get the same exact result of heating/cooling availability schedules by creating heating/cooling setpoint schedules with extreme setpoints. It’s also just challenging to implement heating/cooling availability schedules in a manner that works for all of the HVAC templates since many of them have different types of plant equipment. If you badly needed implemented with availability schedules, you can always edit the OSM with a few lines of the OpenStudio SDK like what you see here.

Thanks for your answers.
Can I ask what are the scripts in order to add the heating/cooling schedules to osm?
sorry for the silly questions:(

Thanks for LBT Teams Great Work!
However, I still have some problem with idealair hvac components.
on the source code of honeybee_energy.hvac.idealair module, there are heating_availability and cooling_availability which we can enter on/off schedule on it. However, in 1.4 idealair , there are no such input option and the script does not include these options.

I also try to edit the script of the componet but the result of the simulation doesn’t change.

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You have the right idea, @lyy . What you have done there to edit the component should work. Have you verified that the availability schedule makes it to the IDF written by Honeybee?

yes it work, I finally found out that these schedules are on/off schedule, however, what I want are a fractional schedule that when only 25% people are in the building, only 25%HVAC system will be on, similar to the lighting schedule, is it a way in honeybee to do that?
Thank you in advance:)

In this case, you should just use different schedules for the rooms where you want the HVAC to remain on vs. the rooms that you want to be off. HVAC systems don’t really have the capability of running at “25% on” so you have to set up each HVAC on a room-by-room basis.

Thank you for your great work to custamize heating_availability and cooling_availability. As you like I try custmize Hvac component but this component did not work. so can you share GH component?

I guess we’ve hit that point where enough people have asked about this that we should just add to the to the official component. I just did this in the latest development version of the plugin:

So, after you run the Versioner, you can get an Ideal Air component with the availability schedules exposed:


Thank you Chris!!
I will try this component

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