Heatmap doesn't work after installing Rhino 8

Hi all,
can someone please help me real quick. i updated my rhino to the new version rhino 8 and downloaded and installed the newest ladybug/honeybee package. but the heatmap doesn’t work. are there any ideas how i can fix this problem or do another component instead of the heatmap? @chris @AbrahamYezioro
thanks a lot. michael

Hi @michaelzoels. Run the Versioner, it will update the core files.

Hi @Asisnath,

In case you hadn’t noticed, this is actually a problem in the intersection.py file that has exsisted since November 14, 2023 according to the github log. I tagged @Chris in this thread where I found the problem and proposed a solution back in December, but maybe he wasn’t the write person to tag. I hope this hekps you fix this bug quickly.

Trouble creating heatmap - grasshopper / ladybug - Ladybug Tools | Forum

hi @Asisnath @cbehn
thanks for your help. it works! nice.
kind regards

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I’m just noting that I added a permanent fix for this issue, which you can find in @cbehn 's original post. Thanks again, @cbehn !

I’ll also note that another way to get rid of the error is to just install Radiance. So that’s another workaround if you don’t want to update to the latest development version of the LBT plugin.

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