Help Removing IronBug? GhpyLoader Error

Hi all,

I am trying to remove IronBug (and HB/LBT) from my system so I can do a fresh reinstall (having lots of version issues at the moment, trying to fix…)

So far I have:

  • Removed C:\Ironbug\…
  • Removed ‘Ironbug.ghlink’ from …\Grasshopper\Libraries\…
  • Removed Ironbug.LBHB_Legacy.gha from …\Grasshopper\Libraries\…
  • Did a full search for any other files with ‘IronBug’ in the name

However, I still get this error whenever I try and start Grasshopper:

The error reads:

Priority: GhpyLoader
  The Rhino IronPython plug-in could not be loaded. It was either disabled, or it cannot load on your system.

Error export files is attached here as well.

I wonder, can someone let me know where else I should clean out or remove to resolve this error? I’m just trying to clean everything away / get back to zero at the moment. Any advice is much appreciated!


GH_Load_Ex.txt (165 Bytes)

Hi @edpmay, I think you accidentally removed IronPython which is required by Grasshopper. You will need to reinstall the Rhino.

For removing Ironbug, you just need to remove C:\Ironbug\, the rest should be fine.

Hi @MingboPeng

ah - thanks! I did do a reinstall of Rhino and things are back working well now. Thanks!


Hi @edpmay,

I just met the same problems as you did, I have tried to reinstall the rhino and the problem still remained. I wonder, what else I can do? Thanks a lot!

Hi @YuLi,

Have you tried to use the new Pollination installer to install the LBT plugin and the new Ironbug installer?