Help to write OpenStudio Measure


I am trying to run a parametric energy model, but want to customize an HVAC system. It seems that this may be possible by using an OpenStudio Measure, but I have never written one before and am on a tight timeline.

I want to run a FCU+DOAS, but on the DOAS side I want to remove the chilled water loop and the hot water loop.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @msilver,

You could use Ironbug from @mingbopeng.

Thanks @Erikbeeren, I did look into Ironbug, and tried to run my file using the DOAS+FCU example file that comes with the Ironbug download, but I was getting errors even without editing it. It was saying that my zone has no surfaces. Which is not the case because when I run the same model with using the regular honeybee assign HVAC component, it works fine.

Hi @msilver,
Did you attach the HB-zones to the export to OS component?

@Erikbeeren, thanks for the response. I did have it attached, and it still wasn’t working, but I cleaned up a few other things in the script and now it works.

Glad to hear you succeeded.